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in your iPhone, iPad or MacBook devices

Whether you’ve busted your screen or your phone has water damage, we can help you fix it. We pride ourselves on possessing a very high rate of success in fixing all kinds of iPhone, iPad and MacBook devices.

We understand the urgency you may feel, which is why we repair your phones while you wait. We conduct our phone repair service on a one-to-one basis, which means you simply walk in or book a repair slot, explain the device fault, and we repair it while you wait.

All our phone repair services come with one year warranty, which shows just how confident we are in our capabilities.

Low-Price Guarantee

Our rates are surprisingly very low and only genuine spares which are compatible with your iPhone, iPad or MacBook device are used. We diagnose and repair your mobile device without collecting money; you only pay AFTER we have successfully repaired your phone or computer.

If we are unable to fix your phone or computer, we’ll give you back the device the way it came and you will not be charged anything.

All our repairs come with a 1-year warranty that covers the repair in the event something happens to your phone after you leave the shop. **this does NOT include physical damage or liquid damage.

We’re very confident that by choosing 417 iPhone Repair, you are getting the highest quality repair for the lowest price in the market.

  • Front & Rear Camera

    Blurred pictures? Suffering from
    ``selfie`` deficiency? We have
    you covered!

  • Water Damage

    Spill your soda on your phone?
    Dropped in water? Call us!

  • Speaker Failure

    Can't hear in your ear? No sound
    when your speakerphone is on?
    We can fix that!

  • LCD Replacement

    Screen look like a spider web?
    No picture on the screen, but you
    know it's on? Our Specialty!

  • Battery Replacement

    Phone dying too fast? Device
    overheating? Won't turn on?
    We fix that all the time!


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