Privacy Policy

The privacy policies of 417 iPhone Repair are meant to let you know what information we collect from you and for what reasons. It is applicable to our customers and visitors. Whatever data we collect, its privacy and security are important to us. Please take a moment to read our privacy practices and know about our terms and conditions.

Personal Data Collection, Information Sharing and Security

We require the collection of your personal data like name, phone number, e-mail ID, etc. This information can be internally shared for improvement, protection, and promotion of the website services. We store this information with us till it is necessary for better services of the website.

We share your information internally with the team, with the third-parties who are our partners in the services we provide, only for work purpose. But we don’t sell, trade, or rent your information to any other entities.

Specific Information Required from the Users

  • Contact Information: Personally Identifiable Information like your name, email ID, phone number, address, etc. are collected.

  • Billing and Payment Information: Payment details, account information may be required depending on the payment methods from the customers.

  • Information posted by you: The information that you provide on the website or on our social media links or third parties in link with us, is collected.

  • Other Information: Demographic information for surveys, IP address, browsing data, time spent by you on our website, the type of mobile device, the version of the OS, etc. can be collected as required.

Advertising and Social Media

Presently, we don’t use the information of our customers or visitors for any advertising or on social media. In future, if we need to use it, we will notify and take prior permission from you.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

This policy is modified from time to time for the betterment of the services of the website. As we do not notify about these changes in the policies, you will need to review them periodically to know the changes.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, doubts or improvement suggestions for the website, write to us at our e-mail id: